Weight is Lost and Gained the Same Way


Weigh out your healthy-non vs. healthy choices, so they balance.

Weigh out your healthy-non vs. healthy choices, so they balance.

Last night I went to the movies. I was happily settled in to watch Benicio Del Toro bring massive tension to his new movie, “Sicario.” I was in a VIP theater, the kind with oversized plush seating and then, after the previews, just before the main feature, the person beside me also took his seat. He was very large, well over 300 Lb. Next came the smell of fried fish, french fries, popcorn and what was perhaps a “diet” soda, though I am guessing about the diet part.

Well over 10 years after having dropped over 100 Lb. it reminded me of this; just like anything else in life, everyday in weight loss is a process of seemingly small consistent choices that all add up to a final result. When I took the healthier pre made snack I had with me out of my pocket, I did not feel “superior” to the guy next to me. Who knows what kind of stress he may have in his life. He may be an amazing father, a great husband, I have no idea. However, there was a desire in me for him to know that if he perhaps felt trapped, he could change his life, one choice, one bite at a time.

Weight is lost the same way it is gained, one choice at a time, over a period of time. Don’t over complicate it. It is actually quite simple.
-Marco Girgenti