My love for gymnastics!

My love for fitness actually started with a fascination for gymnastics at age 11 during a physical educational unit in gym class! As a result, I became on a fire to learn the sport! Although I never took any formal lessons as a child, I was stretching, leaping and bounding around my home and using my bed as a trampoline! After attempting a back handspring on my bed without assistance and it not going so well, I came to a somber realization that I was limited without the help of a coach but I persevered in doing what I could, as my Portuguese immigrant parents did not support my passion.

My desire for the sport has remained strong and as an adult, after having my two children, I enrolled my daughter in gymnastics and discovered they had an adult class which I later also enrolled in. Sadly, after I sustained a back pull injury in my efforts to learn a dynamic back handspring, I concluded that it was perhaps too late to learn more advanced skills. For me, the risk outweighed the benefit and as many of you may be keenly aware firsthand, recovery from injury takes a lot longer beyond your twenties. 

I am so inspired by gymnasts and the sport of gymnastics and when the olympics are on, one of my favourite sports to watch is hands down, gymnastics! These athletes are the epitome of picture perfect physiques, ultimate strength, flexibility, and endurance with skill and speed above and beyond the norm, which is why I highly admire their phenomenal achievements, discipline, exceptional feats of skill and commitment! Watching these athletes in action is beyond inspiring! A big source of motivation for me comes from watching these world class athletes who have dedicated their lives to honing skills, testing limits, pushing beyond barriers to bring them to the pinnacle of athletic achievement!

I encourage you too look to these athletes and their intense drive, dedication and commitment to fuel your motivation, as I do, and keep striving to reach your physical goals; no limits, no excuses!


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