Don't Wear This When you Train!

There are many people who don’t feel that dressing in good fashionable training gear is worth the effort or money, choosing to instead, wear what’s on the bottom of their closet. I can tell you from experience, it makes a difference on a few levels!

Fashion is fun and it lifts your spirits which in turn, can perk up your energy levels. Taking pride in what you wear when you exercise also adds to your confidence, helps you to like what you see in the mirror more and the right fashion prints and collaborations can also help to flatter your physique and accentuate your strengths while diminishing the stuff you’re not so happy with.  Choose form fitting attire over baggy any day!!! This is critical for helping you (or your coach) to correctly monitor your alignment during exercise. It also keeps body parts from being revealed that shouldn’t, as can happen in certain exercise positions throughout training. Ditch the old baggy T and invest in something you really like and feel great in. Baggy clothing also increases the chances of a mishap! A friend of mine who managed a few large gyms, told me he saw people getting baggy sleeves and pants caught in parts of exercise machines and cables!

Some items I recommend avoiding: 

  • Light grey is not flattering when you break a sweat! Sweat is revealed around the crotch area and under the breasts which is likely not the look you wish to be sporting.
  • Avoid bright coloured tops with no print or padding! I have found this to be another not so great look that can cause embarrassment in what I call ‘nippleitis.’ Normal, but annoying, so for the sake of peace of mind, I often layer a smaller sized padded top when I wear unpadded or bright sports bra attire to offset this problem. 

I invest in high end fitness wear as much as I can. 

If you’re a driven fitness enthusiast, chances are your training outfit costs way more than my workout programs or even one session of a one- to-one personal training! If you’re willing to spend big money on your fashion, why wouldn’t you invest in that same way when it comes to your workouts and training? Don’t get so preoccupied with investing in one area while neglecting the bigger picture. One of my single workouts is also less than the price of a latte!!! If you’re into trying different workouts and building your fitness library, how could you resist?  😃 

Consider rewarding your hard work with non-caloric treats such as a new training outfit as this practice can also help to fuel your motivation. Incorporating fashion fun can certainly add some oomph and excitement to your training.  If you’re not already doing this, put it to the test and experience the difference for yourself!

Happy Training!