Staying Fit On Vacation

Going on vacation is a great opportunity for rejuvenation in your mind and body. But how do you keep fit and not lose all your hard earned work? First off, you need to shift your mindset to maintenance mode. The last thing anyone wants is to go on vacation and return with ‘extra baggage,’ and I’m not talking shoppingand accessories here.  If you’re not building walking/hiking and physical excursions into your days, then you should plan to do something to keep what you’ve worked so hard for. Unfortunately, you can’t store fitness; oh, if only!!! I would know and I would be set for life, lol! So how do you approach this time of R & R? If your trip is a 7-10 day stretch, you can make this your recovery week IF you have been training hard and consistently. However, if you're going to eat 'no holds barred,' then this approach will not be a viable option. Think KISS principle: Keep it short/sweet & simple. Maintenance mode translates to a minimum of 3 workouts per week, or strive for training every other day. Travel with a skip rope and bands; they’re portable, lightweight and versatile.  If exercise creativity isn’t your strength, invest in some no equipment workouts (My WALL WORKOUT is a perfect no equipment option that can be done indoors or out) to follow using your mobile or iPad device. Keep your workouts short and intense so you can get the most out of your time, 20-40 min. on average.  Generally, you know your body and you need to be able to gauge if this is not enough for you. Trying to build everyday, enjoyable physical activity like sightseeing, hiking and other active excursions is ideal! 

While on a 6 week vacation in Italy, my motto is to train every other day, (minimum; sometimes more depending on excursions) with a mix of cardio and resistance work using bodyweight, bands, the wall and a few dumbbells that were on hand to get a total body workout. There’s a tree in the backyard which provided a perfect platform for doing pull-ups, leg lifts, etc. (BTW, I have a hanging abs/core workout that you can use in this case!) Make it work wherever you're at and ditch the excuses.

The ultimate goal when on holidays is to maintain and go home the same weight (less is a bonus!) you left. There is really no excuse to not be active. A gym is not necessary to get an effective workout. Mix it up and change it up!  The first day I attempted my backyard workout, I thought I was going to hurl because the heat was so intense (I’m talking 35-40 daily; you can fry eggs on the sidewalk in the summer months)! It was a sweat fest!!! I also knew that I wasn’t acclimatized to the weather conditions, so I pushed through. The next day was better. 

Happy holiday training! Commit to stay fit!

Susan Arruda