Susan the Snob - And other ways to save time training!

It is the end of summer holidays and my time has shrunk since going back to work after my glorious vacation in Italy.

And so….. I thought I could send you some tips on saving time to help you get the most out of your workouts.

We schedule everything that is important to us. If we are not scheduling our workout time, we are wishing, not planning. If you use a scheduling/daytimer type of program, block in the time so you can see it in your day, and treat it as a commitment that is as important as your job is, or a doctor's appointment (they penalize you if you cancel without 24 hrs. notice - food for thought).

Don’t be “social” at the gym! This is a huge time-saver!  Yes, you actually need to FOCUS on your training and you need to be ok with being possibly perceived as a snob! (Those who are serious fitness enthusiasts and train hard will understand this!) Time is a precious commodity and if you’re stopping to socialize, it not only wastes time, but it disrupts the flow and intensity of your workouts. I’m there to train at maximum intensity and get results! If you are there to pick up guys/gals, this will not apply to you. I have actually had trainers interrupt me during a set and yes, I was in disbelief! I did not get my physique, which I fight every day to maintain, by talking about it. Do the work, stay focused and you will get the results! The fact of the matter is, haters are gonna hate and you’re not there to please people.  I’m one of those people who do not use have a phone or mp3 player on the gym floor with me (my children had the gym's phone number for emergency purposes).  Frankly it has no place there, but more than that it just bugs me to have anything on my body when I am training.   Another way around not talking during my workout is not to make eye contact with others while I’m training and to not have much down time between exercises, which leads me to my next point…

Decrease your rest period between sets. There are rules of thumb like, lift, rest for 60 sec., etc… It’s hogwash for the most part. I have never used a timer in this capacity or watched a clock in a gym, except when I’m doing strict sets in a Tabata interval, for example. Focus more on your heart rate than a timer. If you are performing an HIIT set and using an RPE chart (I have attached this below for you), then wait until your heart rate drops, but not to a resting state, but to where you are recovered enough to get to your next set. Try to go by how you feel,  but push yourself beyond your comfort zone.

If you want a free, fast paced 10 minute circuit you can do at home, check out my View and Do It Cardio and Strength Circuit here:

Circuit train. Move quickly from one body part exercise to the next. For example, if you just did a bunch of squats and your legs are feeling like rubber, don’t sit there and wait for recovery, move to another body part, preferably upper body, or you can always do abs between sets (something I commonly do). This is called active recovery. 

Also... STRETCHING! Yes, this is a high area of controversy for some, but not for me! I always stretch between sets. In fact, it is part of my secret weapon in my upcoming Seriously Sexy Legs program and I am going to be sending you a preview soon! 😃

Stay focused and committed to your goals! I appreciate your comments very much. We all need encouragement! :-) Thank you!