What's Your Level Of Disgust?

DISGUST - My big turnaround moment!

A HUGE motivator - DISGUST!
Yes, you read that accurately!

One of the most powerful factors in motivation is not something you might necessarily consider.  I’m talking about DISGUST!

Feeling so disgusted with oneself and how you look and/or feel, can serve as a really high motivator for prompting you to take some serious action and make changes…. FINALLY! 

Think about it though. Have you ever gotten so fed up with where you’re at,  your situation, whatever it was; despicable fat, a bad marriage, a crappy purchase, a cheating spouse, that it was the catalyst in your action? I sure have! I remember my own landmark moments quite vividly!

A while back, and I want to pause here to point out this was after 2 kids, 6 Championship fitness titles, photo shoots as a fitness model and a lifetime of staying lean and fit, etc.., I recall looking at the back of my legs and being completely disgusted! Things were shifting, no thanks to being on the wrong side of the 40’s, and as far as eating - what I used to be able to get away with wasn't working for me anymore! It was time to recommit and get much more serious and focused in my both my training and eating, especially LEG TRAINING!  But as is often the case, out of our pain, something wonderful can come out of it, and that is exactly how my SERIOUSLY SEXY LEGS program was born and developed!

5 Lb or 50 Lb?

This level of disgust I am talking about is different for everyone and it is a very personal thing.

For some, 5 lb. can elicit that intense desperate need and desire to take action, yet for others, it can be 50 lb. or more. This is individual and dependant on how high it ranks on your importance scale. Are you choosing to ignore and deny it, or are you monitoring your weight, how your clothes fit, measurements and how you look to stay on top of it? 

We all teeter up and down a few lbs. when it comes to daily fluctuations due to water retention, etc., but you have got to know your own body and be ‘on it’ so to speak and not let it get beyond your ‘higher weight fluctuation range'.  What number creates that desperate urgency and spurs action due to disgust?  If you’re wise, you never let it get there, but it can often creep up somewhat unexpectedly and cause you to have your moment. If you’re smaller in stature like I am, you have even less room for leniency, so try to stick with careful and consistent monitoring and take action quickly to make adjustments required avoid ever having that DISGUST moment!

For those women who also share my moment in leg disgust, I want to urge you to take advantage of all the personal knowledge and experience that I have poured into creating SERIOUSLY SEXY LEGS Leg Fat Incineration and Sculpting Program!  It will definitely arm you with the ‘know how’ to get the lean and sculpted seriously sexy legs you’re longing for, or that you may have once had! Don't settle and don't lose heart because it is attainable! 



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