LOVE your body and invest in you! - Ways to reward yourself without calorie overload!

Having clear goals with a plan of action sets you up for success. Following through with your exercise and healthy eating requires discipline and yeah, that deserves rewarding. However, the rewards of eating your favourite cheat food following every workout not only negates your training efforts, it also sabotages all your hard work and you won’t see changes happen.
Track your progress and provide yourself with weekly or monthly rewards for staying on track with your exercise schedule and healthy eating. The rewards that cost more can be used more sparingly  (every 2-3 months). Here are some practical tips for rewarding your discipline and hard work: 

Get a massage. This can help eliminate stress and help to relieve tight knots and hot spots from all your rigorous training.

Go to the movies. Enjoy getting out to the cinema and watch a movie on the big screen with your significant other,  your kids, or your BFF.

Get a new outfit. Perhaps consider some new workout gear. This will help you look and feel better, and that can help you look more forward to training. 

Get your hair and/or nails done. Get pampered with some deserved TLC.

Go out for dinner. Try to stick with healthy options and skip the booze. Try a new type of healthy food restaurant; raw or vegan, perhaps. More of them are popping up, providing you with healthier options.

Give yourself some down time/alone time. Read a book, catch up on your favourite T.V show(s), play some video games, get a babysitter; whatever it is that constitutes a reward for you!

Treat yourself to a professional Personal Training one-on-one coaching session OR buy yourself some new exercise DVD’s.  This can help with motivation and provide you with a renewed excitement for your training. I love variety in my exercise and I frequently look for and buy new home based workouts to keep me inspired and motivated. This also helps with moving beyond ruts and plateaus. You need to look at anything you purchase towards the improvement of your health as an investment and not an expense.  You’re worth it!!!  - CLICK HERE to check out my workout download options.  

Make your list personal. What do you want to try for fun? What is on your bucket list?

Every once in a while, sure, it's okay to treat yourself to your favourite dessert or special treat, especially if you’re experiencing strong and persistent cravings for that food. The trick is to control your portions but don’t eliminate that food you ‘love' forever. As Marco Girgenti has said, “HALVE IT AND HAVE IT." 

Happy Valentine's Day and don’t feel bad about loving and treating yourself to some good things, regardless of whether or not you have a special someone!


Written by Susan Arruda


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