This comment makes people feel uncomfortable!

This topic may seem “unsexy” so to speak and even perhaps not related to fitness and weight management, but it is astonishing how relevant it really is and oh boy, does it ever broadcast low self-esteem on top of everything else!

Ever notice that when somebody mentions posture, everyone within earshot all of the sudden makes an adjustment and sits up straight? Why is it we do that? 

Well, quite simply, our bodies get lazy and as a result, you get slumping which boils down to sloppy posture! Your body is brilliant, very versatile and it can adapt and survive in the direst of circumstances. It does this by assuming a new norm. In other words, if you have bad posture, your body will accommodate that, assume that position, and call it “your new default posture.” In fact, correcting that posture is a painful process since the body must work to separate itself from that standard and embrace a new/corrected one. Bad posture can do more than just lose you the job, in fact it has some little known, potentially long term debilitating effects!


  • it puts extra stress on joints 
  • it can compress your internal organs which can cause digestive issues,
  • poor circulation
  • lead to tightened muscles of the neck which is commonly known to contribute to headaches
  • can potentially cause difficulties in proper breathing due to compression of the internal organs 
  • puts your spine out of proper alignment  
  • essentially completely derail proper muscle balance and cause pain in neck, lower back, etc. 

Aside from that, you will look like you are de-evolving into a primate. Bad posture is also a big way to broadcast low self-esteem/

Prolonged bad posture can lead to Kyphosis (see graphic below). This degenerative condition is developed gradually over years, until one day, seemingly all of the sudden, you are finding a lot more spare change on the floor. Activation and development of the TVA/Transversus Abdominis - My CORE/ABS video powerpack training program (CLICK HERE to watch a FREE PREVIEW) is perfect for mastering strength and greater muscle control through the core.  These workouts can help you build a stronger core which has a direct correlation to upright and correct posture.

By pressing your shoulders down and back, lifting the chest, contracting the abdominals (which puts the pelvis in a neutral position) and keeping your head in line with the body, you have the basics of good posture.