If you’re not seeing definition in your abs, it's likely because you're not doing this crucial thing!

If you’re not seeing a flatter midsection, lines and definition, it’s likely due to this.

If you really and truly are training hard 4-5 times a week and utilizing principles and techniques that challenge ALL your muscles, including your abs, and you’re training in your upper heart rate zone, then it’s very likely that you’re NOT SPENDING ENOUGH TIME IN THE KITCHEN!

Food prep and food planning is a fundamental success piece in getting your abs to show! Training is necessary but the synergy between what you eat and how you train is of utmost importance! For optimal success and progress, they go hand in hand. 

Some key food success points to follow:

  • Make your own meals and pack your lunch and snacks as much as possible! This helps give you greater control over your food choices and enables you to pre-plan your meals and avoid extra unwanted additional calories which may frequently end up being the wrong type of calories. I.E. Restaurant salad dressings often contain crappy, cheaper oils and in general, contain ingredients you shouldn’t be eating on a ‘clean’ and healthy meal plan.
  • Invest some time into studying the nutritional profile of the foods you’re eating and learn the calories per serving in addition to the macronutrient breakdown; how much protein, carbs and fat and stay within your requirements. Create a combined calorie deficit for weight loss through your activity and your daily total caloric intake.
  • Strive to stick with this ground rule of eating clean and healthy 90% of the time if you’re serious about getting results! 
  • Know how many calories you need based on your weight and activity level and get an idea of what you’re eating by tracking/journalling; at least for a while.
  • Use an app or food journal until you get a better a better understanding and a ‘knowing’ with respect to your daily caloric intake and macronutrient breakdown. 
  • Don’t overeat and overestimate your portions. Serving sizes of today are huge compared to 30 years ago. The era of super sizing meals has everyone confused and portion distortion is a real dilemma in the era we’re living in. Just because the food is put in front of you, doesn’t mean you should eat it all!
  • Eat slowly so you can be in tune to when you’re body is full and when you get those signals, STOP EATING and save the remainder of your meal as a snack for 30-60 minutes later, should you feel hungry. Your body assimilates smaller meals more efficiently and that means you’re less likely to store fat compared to the excess energy of a larger meal!
  • Want to lose fat and put on lean muscle tissue? Strive for a macronutrient breakdown of 40% carbs - 40% protein - 20% fat.

If you’re an emotional eater and an avid lover of baked goods as I am, I believe you will really appreciate my over/under restorative eating plan that SAVED ME from gaining massive, unwanted pounds!  It is a component of my SERIOUSLY SEXY LEGS,  LEG FAT INCINERATION AND TOTAL BODY SCULPTING PROGRAM.