The one thing many are doing too much of that could be sabotaging your progress!

When trying to lose weight, cardio may not be your best ally, as many believe. Yes, cardiovascular exercise burns calories, but so does weight training and the effects of weight training are far greater because they extend far beyond just burning calories during your exercise session. Here are some impressive bonus burn after effects:


The muscle repair process that occurs after weight training requires more energy/calories and of course, having more lean body mass will raise your BMR and a higher basal metabolic rate means you burn more calories at rest.  

With only cardio training, your body will burn a lot of your precious lean muscle tissue and this is where the term 'skinny fat' comes from. You may weigh your optimal weight, but your body fat percentage remains high.  This is a common mistake that women make. Being overly concerned with the number on the scale vs. body fat. Losing weight is not the same as losing fat. You have to be very cautious about preserving your lean body tissue, and if you’re not weight training at all, you’re going to be at a huge disadvantage. The rate of natural muscle decline starts after the age of 20 and I refer to them as decade shifts, and after the age of 45, this accelerates even more! 

To preserve your LBM (lean body mass) you must strategic with your food intake and type of training you do as well as your food intake in order to preserve your LBM. Strive for a caloric deficit that helps your body make gains and progress without catabolizing your hard earned lean tissue.

Many women are afraid of becoming big, bulky and muscle bound but the fact is, women do not naturally produce the muscle building hormone, testosterone. They only have about one-tenth the testosterone that males do. With weight training, women will instead produce the type of long, lean, sexy sculpted look that many women desire. 

As a general weight loss guideline, do 20-40 minutes of cardio after your weight training sessions and prioritize your resistance workouts over your cardio.  Another option is to perform your cardio on days separate from your weight training days. Also note that it doesn’t need to be all out HIIT all the time for the most optimal fat burning results. Resistance and cardio training are the perfect duo for producing effective, fast and sustainable fat loss and make greatest changes in your physique. You don’t have to ditch the cardio, just don’t over do it! If what you’ve been doing hasn’t produced the desired changes in your body, time to try something different and trust to prioritize the weights for awhile and see what happens! You really have nothing to lose in trying this approach for awhile! 


Weight training is a powerful anti-aging tool with exceptional fat burning potential, helps you increase (or maintain) your strength and bone density, builds/preserves lean body mass and is crucial for offsetting the natural muscle decline due to aging, not to mention the fact that it is an amazing outlet for improving confidence as well as combatting depression! Sign me up!

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