Why People close to you may try to sabotage your fitness goals

Join our motivation coach, Marco Girgenti, who lost over 100 Lb. in this podcast (just over 10 min.)  that will shed light on why some of the people you might expect to support you the most in your fitness goals, may be the very ones who are sabotaging you, whether intentionally, or not!

Why People close to youmay try to sabotage yourfitness goals.jpg


A gracious hello and a brief introduction is in order. My name is Marco and I am Susan's life and business partner. I produce her videos and work behind the scenes and every moment I do so, is a joy.

What you may not know about me is that I lost over 100 Lb., wrote a book  about my experiences called Starving To Be Fat … you can purchase it by clicking here, and that I have consulted thousands of people on weight loss and have spoken to 10's of thousands in conferences.

I am the motivation coach in Susan's fitness coaching programs; primarily in the mindset, motivation and nutrition areas.

Thank you for supporting my fitness role model, Susan.