A HOT, black trend I'm loving!

I’ve been experimenting with a hot, new (really though, it’s been around for centuries) ingredient that is not only all natural, but it’s also exceptional for detox!!!  Hooray! -  I’m also going to share one of my baked goods recipe using this ingredient that my family and friends have tried and are raving about; from my upcoming recipe book, "Raw Performance Fuel Bites" 

This Is a hot black trend worth talking and raving about!!!

I’m referring to the amazing health benefits of activated charcoal; a compound entirely different than your BBQ charcoal.  Activated charcoal is a form of carbon that has been long used in medicine (used often in the medical world to treat select prescription drug overdoses; although, not effective with all) and is exceptionally known as a natural remedy for its toxin and odour binding properties. This form of carbon is made from coal, various woods, grasses, bamboo or coconut shells and is treated with high heat and gas during production which causes it to become activated. It can help support kidney and liver health to alleviate excessive stress and overload from your kidneys and liver as well as bind with fats in the bloodstream to help lower cholesterol. It’s showing up not only in food, but also in many health and beauty products.

When taken internally, (powder or tablet form), chemicals and toxins are trapped, preventing their absorption.  The activated charcoal itself is not absorbed by the body; it  traps and carries the toxins it binds with, out of the body.  Activated charcoal can also help with digestion and assist to combat bloating and gas.  It attracts and combines with many of the toxins found in fats and facilitates their release into your digestive tract and then out of the body in excretion.  Many of these toxins can cause irritation, acid reflux, bloating, gas as well as aggravate IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). By trapping these toxins and helping remove them from your digestive process, it helps to ease the stress on all the organs involved. - Make sure you keep your water intake up to ensure that your elimination system can function efficiently to expel the wastes and toxins effectively from the body.

Activated charcoal is tasteless, which allows you to add it to virtually anything without fear of altering the taste of the food you’re eating. Be aware, the colour will change unless you’re working with a cocoa and/or a chocolate base. Black is long seen as the go-to in fashion, and now you can also view it as a healthy and trendy edible. I’m especially going to have a lot of fun with this come Halloween!!

Watch for my next blog where I share one of my raw recipes using activated charcoal, from my upcoming recipe book, "Raw Performance Fuel Bites"  -  AMAZING & RAW DETOX BITES - coming soon:-) 

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