Whiter Teeth Naturally! - without having to rely on photoshop!!!

Wow on whiter teeth!!!

Coffee, tea, wine are all big culprits when it comes to teeth staining and then there’s smoking, and hereditary.  Some people just seem to be naturally blessed with whiter teeth, while others struggle with it. Despite the meticulous brushing & flossing, it’s always presented an issue for me. Thankfully, I’ve never had to worry about the smoking factor, but I don’t think I inherited great genes on this one.  Ok, I admit that I definitely do enjoy morning coffee and wouldn’t want to give that up!

Whiter teeth gives vibrancy and allure to your smile and it’s a stand out in the youth and beauty department.

Yes, I’ve tried the those teeth whitening kits, the professional dental process involving the trays (no coffee, blueberries or other staining foods during this time and following it😞) in a desperate attempt to have whiter teeth, and it did help and lasted for a little while, but I’m well aware of the harshness of these products and how they can ultimately be the cause of serious tooth sensitivity, so not a great solution long term. Being more health conscious than ever, I now realize how toxic and unhealthy many of those products are. I’ve tried brushing with baking soda but that too, can strip your enamel and cause teeth sensitivity. I also have tried brushing with coconut oil and that did offer some resistance against staining. 

My big WHITER breakthrough discovery came recently when I started hearing and reading about activated charcoal. Read my full article on this hot black trend by clicking here if you haven’t yet read it. My favourite benefit of activated charcoal that I did not previously mention was whiter teeth; a natural remedy that actually works!!!  I am so impressed! 

When I first started brushing with activated charcoal, it felt like it went against the grain and I was a bit skeptical; using black to get whiter teeth?? Weird, right? It certainly contradicted what I was after, but lo and behold, it worked!!! I felt that amazing clean feeling you get after you’ve had a dental cleaning which is awesome. Within only a few days, I noticed a big difference and I’m so super stoked about the results! 

The detox qualities are amazing as well the mineral's ability to bind with toxins and trap chemicals. The process of becoming activated happens when the compound is treated with high heat and gas resulting in a change in structure, creating a highly porous material. The tiny holes that form give activated charcoal a surface area thousands of times greater than its apparent size. The charcoal’s pores bind with rough parts on teeth, usually surface stains and plaque, making it easier to remove these yellowing substances. When brushed into the teeth, the mineral takes the plaque, food particles and surface stains with it. This is how the activated charcoal succeeds in whitening teeth. 

Let’s face it, having pearly whites make you want to smile without hiding your mouth and it certainly adds confidence as well as not being so overly concerned when a photo opportunity presents itself; especially if it’s not your device used to take the pic (I love having the power to delete, I must admit)! I can see the obvious difference in pics taken now vs. before I started brushing with activated charcoal and it wasn’t just me that noticed the changes; my kids, mom and hubby noticed the whitening difference as well! - Thrilling, much like when people notice you’ve lost some weight!!😜 I’ve got them all and many friends hooked on this new teeth brushing experience and we’re all super impressed with the ‘too good to be true’ results!  It’s awesome! - I wish I could be getting a commission on this, lol. 

Activated charcoal comes in many forms (powder, capsule, drink or tablet) and is a wonderful natural solution for oral health and whiter teeth. LUSH actually carries the tablets where you crunch them in your mouth and then brush. I simply use the powder straight up; wet my toothbrush and apply the powder to my toothbrush. Way more economical and equally effective! I am excited to share this discovery with you because I know I’m not alone in the quest for whiter teeth using a natural, non-harsh,  non-toxic solution. 

If you’re in Canada, I’ve found the best price for the powdered activated charcoal (Organika brand - see pic below) at Bulk Barn. Occasionally they offer a $3.00 off coupon, which brings the price down even lower; under $10 - Everyone loves to save! 

If you try it out, email me and let me know this article was helpful. I always enjoy your feedback and hearing from you! - susan@susanarruda.com

Before and after pics - No photoshop

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