If you tend to struggle in the area of exercise motivation, take heart because I’m going to provide you with some tips to help you stick with it and resist the urge to blow off your training!


Lack of motivation is definitely in the top 3 reasons for not exercising, based on surveys I’ve done and general feedback.

Motivation is defined as the general desire or a person’s willingness to do something. Motivation is what gets you started, but it’s commitment that keeps you doing it long after the desire to do so has abandoned you.  It starts with a personal decision to do it and then develop the discipline to follow through, despite how you feel. It becomes a huge discipline of learning to overriding your feelings when your emotions are not cooperating and your mind is coming up with any and every excuse possible as to why you shouldn’t follow through. Let’s face it, It’s easy to start something when excitement is high, and it is a breeze to exercise when you’re feeling great, you’ve slept well and you’re having a good day. The challenge comes when you’re faced with adversity and your emotions are not on board with what you know or intended to do initially.

Having the motivation to train consistently is what helps to keep us feeling strong, lean and in great shape. If we could bottle this wonderful, intangible force that compels us to take action and increases our ability to push harder towards success and accomplishing our goals, we would all be far more effective overall!  It simply comes down to deciding to do it and following through.

This begs the question:

Why are some people more motivated than others to exercise and accomplish their fitness goals?

The simple answer comes down to “how important is it to you?

Is it on your priority, non-negotiable list of top 3 in your daily routine? If it is, it will more likely come easier for you. If not, you will have to work a lot harder to stay motivated in order to accomplish your goal to exercise consistently, and stay fit.  Like most things, certain tasks come easier for some compared to others based on personal strengths and weaknesses. Our personal areas of weakness will require more effort and resolve.

Fact: Determination will get you a lot further than talent alone!

When it comes to motivation, there isn’t one thing that will work for everyone. - No one size fits all, so to speak. One thing is for sure; lack of fitness motivation hits everyone, even those who appear to be on it and sticking with it!  I speak from personal experience here, so please take this as encouragement and know that I also struggle with this; I'm human after all! People often make the assumption that this comes easy for me, but rest assured, I do struggle as much as the next person.

Determine your WHY?

Determine and list your motivators. - WHY are you making the decision to exercise? Write out all your reasons and highlight your top 3.

• To look better

• To lose weight and get leaner

•  To get stronger

•  To be healthy and feel better

•  Disgust – Yes, you read that right. – Feeling so disgusted with oneself and how you look and/or feel, can serve as a high motivator to take action and make changes.

•  To improve your posture

•  To improve your flexibility and/or keep your mobility

•  To rehab an injury and maintain strength

•  To combat depression

•  Fear - of the consequences… gaining weight, diabetes, losing your health, etc.

•  Control

•  Social acceptance

•  Personal achievement and self-satisfaction

•  Feel good in your own skin

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