They Told Me to Fatten Up!

It’s hard to believe but yes, this is true and it came from the fitness industry after a competition and working extra hard to look lean, sculpted and hot!! I was told by a top photographer in the industry that in order to make it into a fitness magazine, I would have to gain weight! WHAT??! I was taken aback! So you’re saying that I’m going to have to forsake all my hard work, put on weight to get into the this fitness magazine? Is that not the biggest oxymoron, I thought! A small frame with extra weight is not forgiving; nor can you pick and choose where you want the weight to go (oh, if only)! To compromise, or not? My immediate response was, “no chance!”

I ultimately refused to compromise and stayed true to what I felt was right. This incident opened my eyes to the double standards that exist in this often, fickle industry.  Women should be ‘soft’ in order to be sexy, not ripped or cut! Really? Not in my books!  When I browse through a lot of the popular fitness magazines these days, a lot of what is portrayed to me, is the epitome of ‘soft porn.’ What a shame! I’m looking for lean, fit bodies that train and live the lifestyle. Yep, I was a bit jaded by that incident but I stuck to my guns and didn’t sell out! Feature me for my accomplishments; 35 years of training all natural, 2 children, have managed to keep a consistent fitness lifestyle and look, despite the challenges and curveballs that life has thrown at me, and many people have said I look stage ready in my everyday life (what a beautiful compliment)!

Love me for who I am, but I am not selling out! I continue to train consistently and I’m working harder than ever (in my late 40s) to maintain what I’ve worked so hard to build over the years!

The bottom line; stay true to yourself! xox

Susan ArrudaComment