Look Thinner Instantly - Susan Arruda

SusanArruda posture example.jpg

Want to look 10 lb. slimmer.... INSTANTLY? 

Our appearance is important to us all and I don't know anyone who wouldn't jump at the opportunity to look slimmer without having to sweat for it, and especially when sporting that slimming outfit.  This is totally doable for everyone and you’ll get instant results with this one! ! It simply comes down to posture 101. Posture refers to our body alignment and how we carry or position our frame, be it sitting, standing or walking.  Good posture requires correct pelvis/lumbar spine positioning to maintain a neutral spine (the natural curve that occurs in our lower back). Ever see a very lean person with the appearance of a noticeable belly? This will fix that!

Stand sideways facing a mirror as tall and upright as possible. Pull your belly button in towards your backbone (as if putting on a pair of very tight jeans), depress your shoulders down and then back to bring your shoulder blades together to contract your rhomboids (retract shoulder blades/squeeze middle upper back together), chin not jutting forward with ears lined up over the shoulders, shoulders stacked over hips, and hips lined up with the knees and ankles. Voilà!