Snooze and lose!

If you're having a problem conquering and controlling your appetite, you may want to consider turning in early.

People who stay up after 2 a.m. consume about 248 calories more a day -- which can add up to two extra pounds a month -- than those who hit the sack by midnight; research discovered by Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago. They also eat twice as much fast food and 50% fewer fruits and vegetables. "Night owls make poorer food choices and they eat most of their calories during and after dinner," explains study co-author, Kathryn Reid, Ph.D., research assistant professor at the university." "Repeatedly eating late at night can throw off your body clock which may slow your metabolism." Your metabolism naturally gears down in the evening so it’s important to try to try to eat regularly and to eat and sound, balanced meals in the earlier part of your day so you’re not feeling ravenous in the evening.

To stay at a healthy weight, get a minimum of at least six hours of sleep a night (more is needed if you're training hard) and skip high calorie foods and large meals after 8 p.m.

Susan Arruda