Scary Fitness Mistakes Countdown #7 PREPOSTEROUS POSTURE

Scary Fitness Mistakes Countdown  #7 PREPOSTEROUS POSTURE 

Don’t be a Hunchback of Notre Dame!  – Did you know that most back injuries occur as a result of poor posture in our everyday lives and from muscular imbalances, not from traumatic and accidental events?Ever notice that when somebody mentions posture, the entire room all of the sudden sits up straight? Your body is very versatile; it can adapt and survive in the direst of circumstances. It does this by assuming a new norm. In other words; if you have bad posture, your body will accommodate that and call it “your new default posture.” In fact, correcting that posture can be painful since the body must separate itself from that standard and embrace a new/corrected one. Bad posture can do more than just lose you the job, it puts extra stress on joints, it can compress your internal organs which can cause digestive issues, a contributor of poor circulation, leads to tightened muscles of the neck which is known to contribute to headaches, put your spine out of alignment and basically, completely derail proper muscle balance. Aside from that, you will look like you are de-evolving into a primate. Bad posture is also often a way to broadcast low self-esteem. Prolonged bad posture can lead to Kyphosis. This degenerative condition is developed gradually over years until one day, seemingly all of a sudden, you are finding a lot more spare change on the floor.Warning signs and atrocious side effects as a result of poor posture includes: back pain, spinal dysfunction, joint and disc degeneration, rounded shoulders and resulting shoulder pain, protruding abdomen, muscular imbalances, nerve compression, forward positioning of the head, etc.  The best solution for eliminating back pain, according to a series of recent studies from the University of Alberta, is lifting weights (something we already knew). Deep abdominal TVA training is also instrumental in this! (See our core /abs video) A whole body strengthening program dramatically outperforms aerobic exercise for those whose nagging back pain lingers for many months, according to the researchers. In other studies published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, it was discovered that those lifting weights four days a week decreased pain by 28% compared with 18% three days a week and 14% for two days a week.  In a review of more than 100 studies, scientists from UCLA found that poor posture is associated with breathing problems, falls, depression, and decreased quality of life, all of which shave years off your life expectancy! - Now that is FRIGHTENING!

Susan Arruda