Scary Fitness Mistakes Countdown #5 Transformation Deception

5. Transformation Deception and the Cruise Control Curse

You’ve worked extremely hard to get results and to transform your body and you’re so proud of your accomplishments (as you should be) and now it’s time to coast and enjoy the fruits of your labour…. or is it? Sorry to disappoint, but coasting isn’t the right approach! The thinking that when you reach your fitness goals/transformation challenge, you can let up, is completely wrong if you want to keep the results you achieved!  The fact of the matter is, whatever you did to reach your goals, you must continue to do in order to sustain them. I know that may not be the popular thing people want to hear, but the truth can often hurt and many people (out of desperation) will just choose to simply ignore and deny that fact and attempt to defy logic! Letting up equates to backsliding; it’s that simple! This is, in large part, the reason why most fitness and bodybuilding competitors cannot sustain their onstage appearance. If you can’t sustain what you did in order to reach your goals, you will not keep what you gained! The training along with the eating both tie into this equation.  If you altered both, then you need to continue with the changes in both areas. 

Transformation challenges are appealing because they usually claim fast results, but how many challenges post the outcome of the program 1 or even 5 years later? promotes and encourages you to make healthy changes that can be incorporated into your lifestyle and that you will be able to commit to and maintain on a regular basis. Going about your weight loss and body transformation in this method will also ensure you avoid the Yo-Yo syndrome - losing weight and gaining it all back; and typically, you gain back more weight than what you lost!  - Avoid the traps and eat and train to win!

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Susan Arruda