Breakfast helps you lose weight!

If you're one of those people who can't stomach breakfast or simply don't have time for it, you need to think about changing your ways - skipping it means you're missing out on the muscle building fuel your body needs after hours of not eating and weight loss success is dependent on it! Think of it as breaking your fast from the night before. Your blood sugar levels are low after a night's sleep and you need to replenish your fuel, otherwise, your body may use your hard earned, metabolically active muscle as the source of fuel for energy.

When it comes to fat loss, eating breakfast is on your side! In fact, participants with the National Weight Control Registry (in a database of people who have lost at least 30Lbs and kept it off for a year or longer) reported that eating breakfast was/is one of their key weight loss strategies. It serves to fire up your metabolism at the onset of your day and sets you up for eating success. Bingeing in the evening is most often a result of not managing your eating throughout your day and eating breakfast is the beginning of an important start (meal frequency is equally important).

Try some of our healthy breakfast options in our recipes area. (Over The Top Oatmeal of Champions, Sweet Potato Egg Frittata, Banana Smoothie, etc.) Food planning is SO important and for weight loss success, it's vital! Throw away your excuse bag and if your mornings are frantic and super rushed, prepare your breakfast (dry oatmeal mix can be mixed the night before or packed for travel) and snacks the night before!

Quinoa Chewy Granola Bars

Susan Arruda