More Weight Loss Strategies & Tips

Pick a photo of yourself when you were slimmer or a pic of a role model body you're striving for and post it on your mirror or refrigerator. Think of the image when you crave unhealthy foods.

PLAN YOUR MEALS INTO YOUR TRAVEL ITINERARY. Check out airport options and restaurant menus online. Pack and pre-portion nuts for healthy snacking.

LIMIT YOUR CARBS IN THE EVENING. EAT SLOWLY. Learn to use chopsticks to help you slow down.

CHANGE YOUR WEIGHT LOSS GOAL PERSPECTIVE. Change your goal from 'lose 20 pounds' to lose 1 lb. twenty times and give yourself credit for each one; perhaps a pamper spa session after every 5 lost.

Studies reveal that individuals who successfully lost 60lbs and kept it off had some top items in common: WEIGH YOURSELF AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK, EAT BREAKFAST, LIMIT T.V. TO LESS THAN 10 HRS. A WEEK. Don't always wear loose, comfy clothing.

FITTED AND TIGHTER CLOTHING CAN PROVIDE YOU WITH THE MOTIVATION FOR LESS INDULGENCE. Plan meals and snacks EVERY 3-4 HRS. so you'll be equipped to say no to temptations.

Source: Melissa Daly

Susan Arruda