Treat your body right by watching the oils you consume.


Saturated fats are not all bad for you. According to leading health experts and research (150 Healthiest Foods on Earth), among the healthiest oils include: Extra virgin olive oil, almond oil, sesame Oil, coconut oil (virgin or extra virgin coconut oil is best. Avoid anything with the labeling of hydrogenated, which by the way, was the big culprit in giving coconut oil and (red) palm oil a bad name. 

Oils that are great for salads but not for cooking include: Flax seed oil and hemp seed oil (heating alters the composition). Surprisingly, canola oil is not on the list of healthy oils; not even close, in fact. Nutritionists can be divided into two thoughts on the controversial oil issues involving canola oil and soy oil.  There is an opinion that canola oil has been overhyped and that it is a unhealthy oil which has been viewed differently due to brilliant marketing on the part of the oil industry. To learn more, look to biochemist, Dr. Mary Enig, and/or search for ‘The Great Con-ola’ at and Dr. Fred Pescatore’s article, ‘The Real Story on Canola Oil (Can-ugly Oil)’ at Like all modern vegetable oils, canola oil goes through the process of caustic refining, bleaching, and degumming; all of which involve high temperatures of questionable safety. 


Susan Arruda