Three mistakes that keep you from losing

According to the editors of Runner's World, running's calorie burning power - twice that of walking - won't pay off unless you avoid these 3 common fat traps.

You eat back all the calories you burned - and then some
Offset "runger" - a post run hunger you feel - by fueling smart.  Unless you've eaten a meal in the past 2-3 hours, have something low-fat and carb based - like graham crackers with a tsp. of honey - 30 minutes before your run to stay energized. Then have some protein, good fats, and a few more grams of carbs within an hour after your run. This formula will help control control the eat everything in sight instinct and kick start recovery so you can bounce back quickly.

You love "sports foods"
All the gels, chews, and drinks that purport to energize, hydrate, and boost you like you're Usain Bolt aren't necessary unless you're exercising more than 75 minutes or doing a particularly insane workout.  Often these engineered foods have calorie, sugar, and fat content to rival that of conventional candy bars. You can rely on whole foods and "calorie-free fluids," like plain old water.  

You go on an extreme diet, cave, and gain it all back
Running offers reason no. 4,621 why the temporary misery of dieting-giving up entire food groups or skipping meals - is a bad idea.  The constant calorie burning encourages you to fuel your body with clean, whole foods.  Cutting our junk allows you to lose weight with minimal effort.  And without all the sugar crashes, you'll have more energy for every run.  

Source -- The Editors of Runner's World 

Susan Arruda