Spring Clean Your Fitness Routine

It's that time of year again—the snow's melting, the sun's shining, and those thick sweaters in the closet are about to go into storage. It's the perfect time to reignite your motivation by breaking away from your boring gym routine and embracing the great outdoors. Kick off spring with a healthy start by getting the right gear, revamping your routine, and set some "spring cleaning" goals.  Make a plan to rid of wrong/bad habits and develop healthy ones.

Here are some simple tips to get you started:

Spring Training Fitness Tip: Book a Physical

Believe it or not, only about 20 percent of Americans get an annual check-up. Be one of them! While you might look and feel just fine (or really hate needles), it's important to keep tabs on things like blood pressure, cholesterol, and vitamin deficiencies before designing your workout program.

Spring Training Fitness Tip: Set a Schedule... but Be Realistic

If you haven't been working out much this winter, don't write down that you'll do outdoor cardio exercises for 30 minutes a day, six days a week. You'll only find yourself getting frustrated and will be more likely to give up on your workout program. Make it doable and realistic! Post your exercise plan in places you'll look frequently, like the calendar app on your smartphone or at your desk at work.

Spring Training Fitness Tip: Team Up

You're more likely to stick with your plan if you've got a partner in crime. Choose someone who has similar goals and who's schedule fits with your own. Your best bet: Get together at the same time four days a week, whether it's before work or just before dinner.  

Spring Training Fitness Tip: Try something new and don’t neglect the power of resistance

Spice up your training regime with some variety.  Cross training helps you avoid injury, relieve boredom and is instrumental in avoiding ruts and plateaus.  Be sure to add some resistance training exercise in your weekly exercise plan. The benefits are instrumental in keeping your metabolism revved up and countering the natural decline that begins in the late 20’s.  Give our resistance workouts here at GetFitFaster.ca a try!


Source: Some notes from Shape Fitness Magazine

Susan Arruda