Superfoods - HEMP & NUTRITIONAL YEAST - Their exceptionality, power potential and benefits.

SUPERFOODS are considered nature's most nutrient dense foods from the earth.   An eclectic group of berries seeds, fruits, roots, and vegetables, super foods have been prized by ancient cultures for thousands of years for their remarkable powers to heal and energize. 

HEMP SEEDS or hemp hearts as they are also known, have become a top super-seeds pick for many.  They offer extraordinary nutrition and are versatile and easy to use. The oil of the hemp seed is composed of valuable essential fatty acids in a well balanced ratio that includes heart healthy omega-3s. They contain a high amount of premium quality protein that is an easily digestible plant-based, complete protein containing ALL essential amino acids. Hemp also offers a wide range of minerals, especially iron, potassium, zinc, and magnesium and it is also an excellent source of fiber. 
Soft, raw, hulled hemp seeds taste similar to sunflower seeds and cn be used as a rich nutty addition to recipes. Hemp protein provides an earthly and sometimes mildly grassy flavour, as it is often ground with the hemp husk still on.  Hemp oil is high healthy EFA (Essential Fatty Acids) oils and is a great non-cooking oil option (salads).
Use in: breakfasts, drinks, smoothies, sides, snacks, salads, dressings, entrees, sweets, and desserts.

NUTRITIONAL YEAST is a by-product of molasses. It has a salty, cheese-like taste that can be used as a flavour enhancer when sprinkled on top or mixed into foods (be sure to try our Tamari Roasted Almonds which includes nutritional yeast). Sold in powder or flakes, nutritional yeast also contains B vitamins, minerals, protein, and has reportedly been used as an immune enhancing supplement. 


Source: Superfood Kitchen - Julie Morris

Susan Arruda