Water & Weight Loss

If you’re serious about losing fat, you need to get serious about water intake and adequate hydration! If you’re not consuming 8-10 classes of water a day, you could be diminishing your weight loss efforts. Without water, your body cannot metabolize stored fat efficiently.  In fact, even mild dehydration can slow down your metabolism by 3%. If you weigh 150Lbs, that’s 45 fewer calories burned each day and over the course of a year, that 45 calories can amount to 5Lbs of stubborn fat around your midsection or thighs!

Water is the ultimate liquid asset for your body, amounting to more than 70% of all bodies. It regulates body temperature, keeps blood volume up, carries nutrients and oxygen to cells, promotes proper digestion, tones muscles and gets rid of toxins. Water is the ultimate natural form of detox for our bodies and it also serves to energize.  When you’re in a state of dehydration, you feel sluggish and tired and likely cause you to reach for sugary foods. A water shortage causes the body to cling to every last drop and results in swelling of different body parts and can inflate your weight from 5-15Lbs.  Ironically, you should drink MORE water, not less, to counter bloating. Sneak in water whenever you can to ensure optimal health and energy levels. Have a water bottle with you at all times and sip throughout your day. 

A general guideline for daily water consumption is to consume half of your bodyweight in ounces. That means that if you weigh 100 Lbs., strive to consume 50 oz. /6 cups of water per day. Keep in mind that this is a general health calculation and more water is required in hot, humid weather and when you exercise. Exercise duration, intensity and climate are also variable factors to consider.

Susan Arruda