Organic Food Labeling - Are you being fooled by marketing hype?

Product labeling and all the different logos and certifications can create confusion.  There are many problems with marketing gimmicks used to make products appear healthier. Non-GMO verification is no different.  GMO's (genetically modified organisms) are organisms with DNA that have been altered by genetic engineering to create a desired trait/outcome, such as pest resistance, drought, etc. There are many concerns with regards to the use of genetic modification in our food system.  These modified organisms do not occur naturally and there have not been sufficient studies to determine their safety for human consumption.  Food products containing GMO's should be clearly labeled and there is currently a lot of protesting from the public and food and health activists towards enforcement of this. Large companies are typically in it to make money and not concerned about negative long-term health issues.

What is a Non-GMO Project Verified product?

Verification requires audits by a third party with lab tests for high-risk ingredients (i.e. corn, soy, canola, etc.). Non-GMO products can still contain pesticides, artificial ingredients, preservatives, chemical fertilizers, and be grown in a non-sustainable way.  Also, it does not mean GMO free, but GMO avoidance. (up to 0.9% GMO's are permissible). - This scenario brings to mind the similarity in the trans fats labeling deception. 

What is an organic product? 

Organics must be certified to be marketed as such or to even mention the word organic.  Certification requires a third party audit to ensure everything across the supply chain is in accordance with organic standards.  Organics have been grown without chemical pesticides, fertilizers, and in a more harmonious, sustainable, eco-friendly way.  Further, organic products have no artificial ingredients, preservatives, or irradiation.  This ensures that the integrity of the food is maintained from farm to producer, during transit, and even at the store. 

The Non-GMO Project is a 501 non-profit organization. The organization began as an initiative of independent natural foods retailers in the U.S. and Canada, with the stated aim to provide non-GMO labeling or products produced in compliance with their Non-GMO Project Standard. - Wikipedia 


More regarding the deception and hype re. non GMO labeling in tomorrow's health tip.


Source: Julia Kirouac

Susan Arruda