Plant-based Super Foods - The Best Way to Eat for Maximum Health, Energy, and Weight Loss

One of the simplest ways to upgrade your diet is by adding superfoods.  Superfoods are the most nutrient dense foods in the world.  They are real, unprocessed, plant based foods that are packed with a wide array of health promoting compounds, including remarkable levels of vitamins and minerals, inflammation fighting fats, easy to digest proteins, and heart healthy fiber. Many plant based superfoods are also rich in a variety of phytochemicals (active compounds found only in plant foods) and cell protecting antioxidants, which help combat the cell-damaging effects of free radicals.

From familiar foods like blueberries and kale to lesser-known ones like acai and maca, these superstars (and the combination of beneficial compounds in them) may help reduce inflammation, slow aging, prevent or treat chronic disease, increase energy, boost mood, reduce stress, cleanse the body by supporting its natural detoxification pathways, and so much more.  Super foods are not magic bullets, but they are pretty magical. 

Build a superfood eating plan:

Superfoods offer up a pretty impressive list of benefits to mind and body but they are not magic cure-alls for whatever might be ailing you - at least not when consumed in the context of an overall lousy diet full of processed and junk foods.  If you want to really make significant changes to your health and well being, you need to make good choices, consistently and consciously - one meal and snack at a time.  

Eat real rood:

More than 48 thousand foods and food products line the shelves of the average American supermarket.  Foods that come in boxes and bags or with lengthy lists of hard to decipher ingredients are not real foods and do not offer much nutrition.  So start filling your plate with real foods and limit or avoid eating from a can, box, or bag.  

Eat more plants:

Everyone benefits from eating more plant foods; foods that grow on a tree or out of the ground - such as vegetables, fruits, sprouts, legumes (beans, peas, and lentils), nuts, and seeds - should form the foundation of your diet.  

Source: Powerful Plant Based Super Foods - The best way to eat for maximum health, energy, and weight loss. - Author: Lauri Boone, R.D.

Susan Arruda