Protein Powders: Whey vs. Hemp

There is a lot of controversy surrounding whey vs. hemp protein. For years, whey has been touted for being the most bio-available protein source. However, more recently, research has shown that whey protein is not readily digestible by the human body, creates intestinal toxemia and sludge, bloating, and may actually increase your waistline. An inefficient intestinal tract reduces amino acid and any other nutrient absorption into your body and cells. Therefore, the more protein you consume, the more it will likely store in your gut building up and releasing toxic waste. And if it’s sitting in your gut, chances are, it isn’t getting to your muscles. In addition, whey protein powders are laced with a plethora of chemical additives and non-digestible sweeteners in efforts to make the product more palatable.

So what to do?

If you are training hard, a protein supplement is a convenient way to ensure you are receiving adequate amino acids and nutrients for muscle repair and development. However, you want to choose a supplement of high quality that is easily digestible and loaded with the nutrients and enzymes required for most efficient protein synthesis. One to try is hemp protein.

Why Hemp?

It’s natural – There are no additives, chemicals or toxins that will interfere with absorption or compromise optimal health and nutrition.  The THC (Tetra-Hydro-Cannabinol) is negligible, so as a result, there are no stimulating, intoxicant effects.

It’s a complete protein – Contains all essential amino acids for muscle repair, improved metabolic activity and overall wellbeing.

Bio-available – Hemp is an easily digestible, plant-based, whole food supplement that is high in enzymes, healthy bacteria and essential fatty acids necessary for muscle growth, recovery and fat burning. Because most hemp proteins are not heat treated (unlike whey), they contain enzymes (electrical charges), which are necessary to synthesize amino acids into new muscle.

Essential Fatty Acids – Hemp protein has the optimal 3:1 ratio of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids – the fat that actually helps to burn fat. It also contains GLA (Gamma linolenic acid), which is crucial for hormone balancing.

Alkalizing – Plant based protein contains chlorophyll and alkalizes your body to help you stay healthy and maintain a healthy PH level.

High in fibre and friendly bacteria – controls blood sugar levels, curbs hunger and cravings and helps to eliminate intestinal sludge and bloating. A healthy and clean intestinal tract results in more effective absorption and nutritional efficiency.

Source: Peggy Kotsopoulos

Susan Arruda