Five ways to speed up your metabolism

Tips to burn those calories quickly and efficiently:

Metabolism is our natural calorie burning engine that helps us burn everything we eat, even when at rest. The bad news is that metabolism  slows down as we age as a result of the loss of muscle mass that naturally begins to occur in our late 20's. Here are some strategies to help you counter the decline and keep your body revved and burning.




If you don't already know, having more lean muscle tissue means you'll burn more calories at rest. What may not be common knowledge is that going to the gym and simply going through the motions, is not enough. Make sure to execute the exercise properly and increase your strength loads progressively to increase your development of lean muscle tissue and thus, your calorie burning.       


When you starve yourself, your body immediately shuts down its metabolism to conserve calories because of the perceived famine. This means you will also decrease your body's ability to burn fat.  Make sure to not skip meals and don't allow yourself to get super hungry or your body could go into shutdown mode, thereby decreasing your metabolism.


Rather than eating 2-3 large meals, try spreading that over 4 or even 5 smaller meals. While it may work out to the same number of calories, your body's metabolism will be working at a faster pace if it has to digest food more frequently.  Furthermore, blood sugar levels will be more stable which supports energy levels and fat burning.  


Not just green tea, but black tea, white tea and most unrefined teas are shown to be high in a metabolism enhancing antioxidant known as EGCG.  This antioxidant in green tea has been studied extensively and is a clinically proven way to increase the number of calories you burn at rest.  Furthermore, it has the added benefit of decreasing calories absorbed from fat, while also maintaing healthier blood sugar levels.  Choose a high quality green tea such as macha or find it at the clinically proven level in supplements


A recent breakthrough in supplements, this derivative of the mint family has been shown to speed up metabolism through activation of Cyclic AMP and hormone sensitive lipase (HSL) in fat cells.  Amazingly, it causes dramatic calorie and fat burning without affecting blood pressure of heart rate! In just one study, the average person gained muscle and lost an average of 9.9 lbs. of body fat.  Make sure to choose ForsLean® when choosing a coleus supplement as it is the exact material shown in human research to have these positive effects.  


Source: Howard Youhanan

Susan Arruda