No weight loss progress? - Common diet mistakes revealed.

Train, eat, sleep, and repeat. We try to regularly shake things up with exercise to avoid plateaus. There are some common diet mistakes that many people make which can hinder your progress and be the reason for your halt in progress.  If you feel stuck in a discouraging plateau, here are a few possible diet reasons why:

DIETING TO THE EXTREME - Very restrictive meal plans can create a 'feast-famine' cycle and cause your body to hold onto the very fat you’re determined to lose instead of letting it go. Never cut calories below 1,200 unless you have been advised by your doctor to do so.

EAT SENSIBLY and DON'T ELIMINATE FOOD GROUPS - If you view your diet as a punishment and deprivation, you won't be successful and you're likely to binge eat. Good news is, your taste buds can be reconditioned to like healthier foods over time. Your body needs a balance of carbs, protein and healthy fats.

FAT PHOBIA - The fact is, fat is required for many metabolic processes including converting fat for energy. Just be sure to consume good, healthy fats. Something that is 'fat-free' usually means it's higher in sugar and often loaded with chemicals.

UNDER-SUPPLEMENTING or OVER-SUPPLEMENTING - Focus on getting the majority of your nutrition from whole, natural foods as well as include supplementation. Antioxidants are a must, B-complex, calcium, and vitamin D are essentials (especially in winter months), protein drinks are highly recommended if you're training hard and not consuming enough food protein sources and glucosamine for joint protection and recovery.

PLAN YOUR TREATS but don't let your cheat treat or meal turn into a cheat day. 

DIET SODA OVERLOAD - Just because it's diet and calorie free, doesn't mean it's good for you. Use it as an occasional treat but have water as the majority of your liquid intake. 

RELYING ON CAFFEINE AND ENERGY STIMULANTS and overloading on these will cause a crash, which can also hinder sleep. Your diet will not help you if you're not getting enough sleep. Inadequate sleep backfires and also triggers a negative body response to hold onto the fat we're desperately trying to get rid of. 

AVOID DIETS AND LOSE IT QUICK GIMMICKS... PERIOD! Make clean eating a lifestyle, not a season.


Susan Arruda