Bounce Back From An Injury

When Jillian Vanstone, a principal dancer with the National Ballet of Canada, was rehearsing three years ago, a routine leap she describes as "nothing spectacular" sent her crashing to the floor. She'd dislocated her kneecap, which moved from the front of her leg to the side.  "It was horrific," she says.  The EMS guys had to give me shots of morphine right there in the studio.  I just stared at my leg, thinking, "this is it. My career is over!" -  Five months later, she was back onstage as Alice in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Here's what she had to do to rehabilitate:

1. Keep Active - "I was in a knee brace, but I still did ab work, like planks, and arm work with weights. I also exercised my healthy leg and did gentle work on the muscles of my injured leg."

2. Eat Well - "I'm strict about my diet when I don't have an injury. I don't drink or eat refined sugars or junk food - I think that keeps inflammation down and helps my body heal faster."

3. Get Help - "Your body can lear fear and ingrain it. A performance psychologist helped me work through my fears about coming back from an injury."

4. Accept Setbacks - "It's okay to have days when you just feel sorry for yourself and watch movies.  Injuries don't recover at a steady pace.  There are frustrations and setbacks - and that's okay.”


Source: Kate Rae

Susan Arruda