How do you figure out how much water your body requires?

The human body is over 60% water and because all bodies vary in size, shapes, all with individual needs, how do you figure out how much water your body requires?

You've likely heard that drinking 8 glasses a day is what you should strive to for, but when you compare a 110 Lb. woman to a 250 Lb. male, that equation doesn't exactly line up with logic. When you consider other factors such as different parts of the world and climate, sedentary vs. athlete, diet, etc., it makes even less sense that one formula could work for all. A loose, general recommendation is to drink half your bodyweight in ounces. Whether it's 8 glasses or your bodyweight divided by two and converted to oz., remember it is a general formula that doesn't take into account individual factors such as sweating, exercise, etc., and it also isn't taking into account other forms of water. You need the equivalent of the formula and there are plenty of foods that are full of water that could count towards your water requirement. Fruits and vegetables are often more than 50% water, soups are often water based, etc. and all sources contribute to your water intake.

So how do you determine just how much is the right amount for you?  - The simple urine test is a pretty reliable tell-tale sign. If your urine is clear, it means your body is well hydrated. If it's darker and more pungent, then that is an indicator of dehydration. To up your water intake, always have a water bottle nearby and sip it throughout your day.


Susan Arruda