Many people find it especially tough to train during the summer months. Put these strategies into effect to maximize both your time as well as your gains.

For total arm training, follow this  Biceps Blaster  circuit with the 'Anywhere Triceps Blast Workout' in our VIP or request a download for 5.

For total arm training, follow this Biceps Blaster circuit with the 'Anywhere Triceps Blast Workout' in our VIP or request a download for 5.

CUT THE CHATTING. Save your social chatter for your post-workout protein shake at the smoothie bar. 

GET MORE FOR LESS and SWEAT.  Do 20 minutes of sprint intervals instead of 60 minutes on the treadmill.

DON’T BE RIGID IN YOUR WORKOUTS. Know what exercise machines you want to use but don’t hesitate to deviate if the machine is occupied and have alternate moves planned. 

QUALITY AND FULL RANGE. Move through your full range of motion during every repetition and always practice great form.

SWITCH IT UP and LIFT HEAVY. Lift heavier weights for fewer reps to recruit different muscle fibers.

FOCUS on your muscle contractions in every movement and in every lift.

LIMIT REST TIME. Unless you’re using very heavy weights rest no more than 30 seconds between moves to increase caloric burning. 

COMPOUND IT.  Incorporate moves that utilize multiple muscle groups such as a squat with an overhead press. 

SHORT CIRCUITS. Combine strength moves with bursts of cardio to burn fat in little time. 

ACTIVE REST. Incorporate stretching as your active form of recovery between exercises to maximize both your flexibility and time.

If you find it is simply too nice to be cooped up at the gym, then take advantage of the great outdoors for a training session. (see our PLAYGROUND WOROUT for ideas) The change will be beneficial for both your mind as well as your muscles - a different stimulus helps spur growth and counters boredom!

Susan Arruda