Anything is better than nothing when it comes to exercise... REALLY!

Sometimes less is more! Say goodbye to feeling guilt about skipping that hour long gym session (busy moms, rejoice!) Quickie workouts can do a whole lot of good too so it's important not to discount their effect!  They help to improve blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels, says Michele Olson, PhD and professor of exercise physiology at Auburn University.  Here are some other recent findings on the benefits of short bouts of exercise:

10 minutes of exercise a day might lengthen your life span by almost 2 years.

7 minutes of high intensity interval training can give the same health benefits as a moderate intensity workout that's two times as long.

6 minutes of cycling at a moderate pace can immediately boost your memory.

4 minutes of Tabata intervals (using exercises like jump squats or sprint cycling) five times a weeks could be enough to keep the already fit in tip-top cardiovascular shape.

Susan Arruda