Plyometric exercise for greater fat burning and a leaner physique!

Plyometric exercise is an advanced training technique intended for the serious athlete and for those with the appropriate level of conditioning. It provides a challenging stimulus for mass and power development and increases the body's ability to oxidize fat in resting states. This translates to greater fat burning and a leaner physique.

Plyometrics provides powerful benefits and requires no special equipment and because it is so high intensity in nature, a full workout can be completed in as little as 20 minutes. Plyometric training is not ideal for overweight exercisers or those with joint injuries. Some basic

minimum requirements: You must possess the cardiovascular capacity to move quickly, recover from set to set, and be able to squat with good technique (knees should not collapse inward), coming down to parallel level. Some technique considerations to be aware of include: Land toe to heel and sit back into the hips, land softly and take off with the knees tracking over your toes but never knees past the toes, maintain a strong upright alignment with chest lifted and back straight, extend knees fully in the air to maximize power, breathe out aggressively on the heavier exertion/push off phase, avoid concrete as well as soft surfaces, do not overload with weights as this will add too much overload stress to the joints. 

Some exercise examples can include squat jumps, split-lunge jumps, out & up frog leaps performed for 10-15 repetitions with 60 seconds of active rest between sets.

Try our Butt and Legs Blaster Circuit which incorporates some plyometric exercise moves.

Susan Arruda