MORE Great Weight Loss Strategies

The greatest weight loss strategies are the ones that can stand the test of time.
These tips were created by RDs, MDs, psychologists, trainers, celebrities, and women who have been there, done it.
Here are some effective tips to help you shed the pounds:

BROWN BAG IT. - Preparing your own meals ensures greater control of ingredients and calories and studies reveal greater success in weight loss.

FLAVOUR YOUR WATER. - Add cucumber slices or vary it up with different fruits; orange slices, lemon, strawberries, etc. to make it feel more like a treat.

INCREASE THE STRENGTH COMPONENT of your workout. - Adding lean muscle tissue not only tones, but it also increases your metabolism.

CUT SODIUM AND CARBONATION - Carbonation can bloat your stomach, making it appear distended for hours, or even days! Sodium holds onto fluid.

PACK LEFTOVERS IMMEDIATELY after serving yourself to avoid overeating and portion distortion.

TRACK YOUR EXERCISE on your calendar so you stay clear about your goals.

USE THE 3 BITE RULE WHEN EATING SWEETS OR DESSERT. - Have 3 small bites and put your fork down.

DON'T SHOP ON AN EMPTH STOMACH. - You're more likely to make less healthy purchases.

FILL YOUR PLAYLIST WITH UPBEAT TUNES. - Research shows that you'll naturally quicken your pace if you work out with songs that have 180 beats per minute. 

CARRY AROUND A SHAKER CUP with a serving of chocolate (or other flavour of choice) protein powder. If you get ravenous and encounter an unexpected delay or need a quick, convenient snack for on the go, add water and consume when you need it. It will fill you up and prevent you from purchasing something high calorie.

HEALTHY HIGH CALORIE UNHEALTHY FOODS CAN BE A SOURCE OF SELF SABOTAGE. - If you like almond or peanut butter, or nuts for example, but tend to overeat these healthy, densely caloric treats, that is the point where it stops being healthy. Know your healthy food weakness and keep it out of the house if you can't control your eating and your portions. 

EAT VEGETABLES FIRST to naturally have more of them and ultimately eat fewer calories.

ASK YOURSELF IF YOU'RE "HUNGRY" BEFORE YOU EAT. - Unless a craving comes from hunger, eating won't satisfy it. Learn your eating triggers and find alternative coping methods.

INCORPORATE FOOD PAIRING SNACKS THAT SATISFY. - Snacks that combine fiber and protein produce a greater sense of fullness and can curb cravings for junk. A few suggestions: Apple slices with peanut or almond butter, cottage cheese & berries, wasa crisps (or other clean cracker) + black bean dip, bell peppers and hummus, broccoli and low fat cheese, our recipe for sprouted bread along with our hummus or Tzatziki dip, etc...



Source: Melissa Daly

Susan Arruda