Resistance or Aerobic training for weight loss?

A common exercise question for getting leaner is whether to do resistance or aerobic training? If you’re like most women, you may have spent hours performing aerobic exercise in your quest for a lean body and if you kept this up for at least 12 weeks, you probably lost some weight. The downside is the loss of muscle tissue that also occurs when you perform hours of cardiovascular activity without any resistance training.

Muscle conditioning is often shunned by women who believe they will become bulky if they lift weights, but rest assured, women do not have enough of the male hormone, testosterone to develop large, bulky muscles. Instead, weight training helps you acquire a tighter, toned look and maintain an erect, more youthful posture. Research also confirms that resistance training will increase lean muscle tissue and decrease body fat. Training with resistance not only burns a significant amount of calories while you’re training, it transforms you into a fat-burning machine. Muscle is more metabolically active which means that you will burn more calories, simply by having it on your body; up to 50 more calories for every pound of muscle!

The most effective solution for maximizing fat loss is to combine both cardio and resistance training. Glycogen is the body’s immediate preferred source of energy before the body begins to tap into fat reserves. Therefore, prioritize your weight training before doing your cardio if you’re incorporating them both in the same exercise session to best maximize fat burning.

Susan Arruda