Love your legs

Call it one of life's little paradoxes, but it's entirely possible to appreciate your legs but not always be thrilled with how your lower half looks, even if you're fit and lean.  


Cellulite is a big downer of the let it all hang out, swimwear months. Cellulite forms when fat accumulates between bands of collagen just below the skin, creating fixed clusters that get pushed against the surface.  The the problem isn't necessarily the number on the scale. Genetics, hormones, and inflammation all play roles, says Joshua Zeichner, MD, director of cosmetic research at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City.  "Some of my thinnest patients have cellulite," he says.  

Things you can do to minimize (and/or resist ever getting it) cellulite are: exercise, especially weight training and resistance training, avoid gaining and losing weight and strive to maintain a consistent healthy weight you're happy with, drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol, avoid high fat and high sugar foods.

Do all that you can in the areas advised but don't obsess about what you can't change.  Learn to shift the focus onto all your positive  assets.

Other remedy's that can help is a topical cream that contains caffeine ("It shrinks fat cells," says Dr. Zeichner) and can offer small surface fixes. Or a cream with carnitine may also break down fat.  

Doctor's office fix:

For those who want to wage war, there's Cellulaze (average cost:$5,000), a laser that destroys the fibers that destroys the fibers that hold fat clusters in place.  "It's one of the only treatments to show some clinical efficacy," says Dr. Zeichner.  Results are visible after one treatment and can last at least a year  The procedure may result in bruising, so schedule at least 2 weeks before a beach trip.


Source: Kiera Aaron

Susan Arruda