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Some of my favourite images from photo shoots and some personal memories too!

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My personal power food creations will be available for online ordering. There is already a waiting list!

Workouts for men and women who are fitness driven


Personal Training and Online Coaching

and also in the works; personalized nutrition meal planning and customized workout programming, sent directly to your mobile device.

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I've got a bunch of FREE workouts you can do along with me and some brand new programs on the way! Check it all out!

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Susan's Free Workout Videos
and Exercise Moves!

Check out the link below for loads of free workouts and specialty workout moves! All on video.

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Foam Roller
Total Body!

By far and away my most popular YouTube video workout. The foam roller is an edge for me. It throws everything off balance and challenges muscles I never knew I had!

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My View It and Do It Workouts!

These workouts get off to a fast start and keep going! I'll show you what to do, you just follow through!

Nice things amazing people have said about me

Susan Arruda presents a near perfect physique
— David Ford - A-list fitness model photographer of Status Fitness.
Susan Arruda has sculpted her body into a PERFECT fitness physique and cleans up at every show she enters. She’s also as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.
— Lyzabeth Lopez - Creator of the Hourglass Workout, fitness personality and model.
I have an extensive library of Beachbody dvds and other trainers too, but somehow the exercises you did in the short amount of time hit all body parts and I was so impressed!
— Leah B. - A fan and satisifed customer

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