Runner's Corner - Introduction to Lindsay Borden - "How I got hooked on running."

Lindsay Borden

Lindsay Borden

Growing up, I always enjoyed outdoor sports like skiing (water and snow), swimming, and windsurfing. However, I never really pushed myself to truly excel at these sports. I remember trying out for the Cross Country running team in high school (I say “trying out” even though I am pretty sure everyone made the team, because I don’t actually remember competing). During practices, I always found ways to cheat. When we did an out and back run, I turned back early. When we ran through the school instead of outside, I spent a few laps in the student council office snacking.

This all changed when I started running.

When I started running

When did you start running? This is a question all runners are asked. We can usually identify the exact moment we started running or the driving force behind it. Because let’s face it, there has to be something that gets us pushing ourselves to pound the pavement (or trail) day after day, destroying our knees, and tightening our muscles, regardless of the weather.

I started running with a friend at summer camp. She asked me to join her on a run off the camp’s grounds, had the patience to help me build my pace, and I thought she was pretty cool. Thinking back, I am not sure I would have the patience she had. I could barely run ten minutes without getting a metallic blood-like taste in my mouth. However, she persevered and by the end of two months, we were running 7km talking the whole time (every real runner knows that the way to measure how fit you are is by seeing how fast you can run while still maintaining a conversation).

After that summer, I joined a gym. Another member of the gym was checking out my speed on the treadmill to see if I would make a good running partner. We started running together and he suggested I sign up for a 10km race. My first race was the Sporting Life 10km. From there, I signed up for a half marathon following by a full marathon. After that, I was hooked.

I have since run in marathons across North America and have started running in Europe as well.

Around the same time I started running, I also started challenging myself personally. My determination physically transferred into my career. I set goals for myself and rarely did one thing at a time. I got into teaching at a time that was not easy to get into teaching, I started working on my Masters of Education while teaching and shortly after that applied to become a Vice Principal. At this time, I also got my real estate license.

Running teaches you to set achievable goals for yourself and just as you are about to reach those goals, you have already set new ones.