World Marathons

 By Lindsay Borden

           Lindsay Borden

           Lindsay Borden

On New Years’ Eve 2013, I was chatting with my friend Jill Wheeler. After the bombing at the Boston Marathon in 2013 (she was there), she decided that her goal was to run the Boston Marathon again in 2014. After that, her plan was to run the Tokyo Marathon in 2016. I asked her where she got the idea to run the Tokyo Marathon and that’s when she told me about the World Marathon Majors.

The World Marathon Majors currently consists of 6 of the largest and most well known marathons in the world. While we were chatting, I learned that I had already run two of the World Marathon Majors and I had at least one on the list of marathons I was planning to run.

The World Marathons Majors set standards and raises awareness for Marathon. The World Majors consists of: Boston (done that), Chicago (check), Berlin (just finished), New York (on my list), London (ironically was there the week before the marathon), and Tokyo. 

Since I had already completed Boston and Chicago, and had New York on my list, I figured completing all of the six World Majors would be a great goal. 

Over my next few posts, I will write about each of the six World Majors that I have completed and will keep you informed about the process of getting into the three I have left to run.   

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