Why Keto Doesn’t Work and Why It Does

There are trends in fitness and eating that repeat every few years.

Context is perhaps more, or at least as important than content. Why an article is written and by who is often as important as what is in it in order to understand the viewpoint or an agenda.

I recently watched an interview with a man who is the epitome of strength and turning his life around. Beaten as a child by his father, a failure in school, was 300 Lb and dropped over 100 Lb and became a Navy Seal. He is in top physical condition at 43. A website ran his story and when it came to his eating they took off on the Keto craze, as if to say that is why he is in the shape he is in. This is utter nonsense and I can prove what I am saying below; and yes, the article was written by a Keto enthusiast.

I can show you pictures and videos of fit human beings, both male and female;  one may be a vegan, another a vegetarian and another may be a Keto, or Paleo enthusiast. Another is an omnivore who eats anything. They are all in top shape. How can that be if they all eat differently, and what does that tell us? 

The reason it is possible is that they train a great deal and with all-out intensity!  Those bodies are not built by a particular diet alone. The way they eat is simply a partner to intense training. In my case, I have often been asked about how much protein I eat; not a lot, quite honestly. In fact, I built my body on carbs (having to tweak that more now as a result of hormones and aging 😝).  I trained hard and the progress came as a result. I have invested and I continue to invest. 

What does this tell us? There is not a ONE method approach, gotta do it this way, eating that gets the best results. If you want to change the shape of your body and its composition, you must train with intensity. I also believe that there needs to be some component of resistance/weight training involved. That is the number one way to change your body composition. Getting lighter is NOT the same as getting leaner!

Personally, I would not want a life in which I have to say no to bread, muffins and cookies (healthier options that taste good, of course), pizza, carbs, and ice cream treats once in a while and more unbelievably, omit grains which are known superfoods with stunning health benefits, as well as fruits which are also a nutritional powerhouses. Think about it; does that even make sense to you???

Does Keto work? Sure, but so does pretty much everything else if your training is at the right intensity. Most people are often in need of some structure; both with eating and/or training. 

I have said this a lot: “What you cannot sustain, you will not maintain.” 

I challenge you to prove to yourself that if you train with intensity and NOT go on a fad diet, you WILL get results. The Intensity women on my 30 Days of Intensity program are living proof of this.  Some have lost over 10 Lb in 3-4 weeks, while others melted double-digit inches.  Some admit to not sticking with the eating plan as recommended and still lose!  On the menu are sweet potatoes, pasta, pizza pockets (not the kind in a box, we teach you how to make them) and even a free day with the foods you love.  Also on the menu… TRAINING WITH INTENSITY! THAT is the difference and that is why they can eat a full variety of foods.

The bottom line is many will usually put more effort into going on a diet instead of pushing through the pain and putting the effort into intense and consistent training. That is largely a result of believing hype marketing by commercial weight-loss products and following trends. 

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In strength and with INTENSITY,