How You Are Killing Your Metabolism Pt 2

Last time, we talked about ways that are killing your metabolism. I wrote about never really having counted calories or macros (or nearly never) and promised I’d talk about how I was eating in my 30’s 40’s and now 50’s.

In a word: ANYTHING and EVERYTHING – ok, 2 words… it’s dense, as in a calorically dense subject.

Well, in my 20’s and 30’s, although I thought I ate fairly decently (or so I thought), I did eat pretty much whatever I wanted and carbs were my downfall, and not exactly the healthiest of carbs either. Bakery bought large bran muffins with caramel sauce and walnuts, Krispy Kreme, cookies… Bring it on! 

My calorie counts were likely over 6,000 daily, I’m estimating because that brief time I did count, they were over 3,000 and I actually felt I was making a conscientious effort while doing that.😳

I had no idea how much protein I was eating, but I can guess that I was eating well over 80% carbs. I did not give diet advice to ANYONE and many thought: “she must eat super clean.” I’ll take it!  But no, not true then, and to a different degree, still not true now.

Despite those 6000 calorie days, I was an “anatomy chart” ripped. In fact, most of the images you see of me at that level of definition were taken when I was eating mega thousands of calories into my 30’s/early 40’s, which is why I thought it important to include current images of me as well.

From then until now, there is no hiding in my videos. What you see now in anything I shoot is the result of 35 years of weight training. There are angles the camera gets where I wanna tear myself to shreds because I do not like the way I look and no doubt, I am my biggest critic, still striving for my absolute best despite the aging struggles.

However, as far as still being able to rock a bikini, prioritizing resistance training has saved me! Cardio? We will get to that in a future email, let’s focus on how I was able to eat like that and stay ripped.


YOUTH. This is probably THE key factor. I gotta add, I also trained relentlessly and consistently, and still do!  Precious mass, as we go on in life, decreases, especially as females. The BMR we discussed in our last chat, changes and especially takes a hit during menopause. In my most popular 30 day program, I have seen BMR’s of women ranging from their 20’s and into their 60’s and the totals are apart by a factor of hundreds, even over a thousand.

Which brings up an ASTOUNDING point…which I must emphasize… Ok, let’s call this a peeve, it’s that strong. There are other peeves to come, stay tuned.  But for now…

HERE IS possibly the MOST RIDICULOUS advice the fitness industry is giving you, regardless of your age 20-60 and up!

HOW on earth can a diet program tell a woman in her 20’s to eat a certain amount of calories and that it makes sense to tell a woman in her 50’s to eat, or even train the same? That is ridiculous! But that is the diet industry at work.

NO INJURIES – If you have been training for any extended length of time and consistently, there is no question you are dealing with at least one injury, “tweak” or worse.  There are things I was doing 25 years ago that are downright foolish to try now in my 50’s. However, I can still do many of them, but I am wiser in considering, “does the benefit outweigh the risk?”


Keto, Paleo, Atkins, Weight Watchers, no no and NO! WHY? I will get into that in the days ahead, it’s another loaded subject.

In my 50’s. I’m still defined, I still eat across all food groups and, here is one thing about me many do not know or assume I do little of; I LOVE TO BAKE and yes, EAT what I bake! I do bake healthy though, and it needs to taste good!

If I wanted to do a show, which I do not, I could diet down and get super specific. I included this pic of me just before my 50th birthday to show you what is possible. I am still training like I am stepping on stage tomorrow because I am a SUPER motivated person, just like you, right?

Ok, wait, that last sentence? Yeah, I lied a little. No, these days motivation is a word that rhymes with the title of a rap song I am thinking of writing called; temptation for resignation, but I don’t. Let me be real; yes, there are discouraging moments BUT I persist and push through. If I didn’t, I sure could not be here encouraging you to do the same!

The truth is, I have a love-hate relationship with fitness these days. No question, it is definitely a vital component of my lifestyle and always will be. Sure, I have days of feeling frustrated, no thanks to hormone havoc, injuries and setbacks, but quitting is simply not an option!

Finally, there is one more point or two, and I will go deeper into these in my next message, but to not completely cliff hang you (I hate when that happens while watching Better Call Saul or something, lol), I can say it is about consistency and intensity! However, I can also say with certainty that coming up on 4 decades of training, I do not define either one of those words like the majority perhaps does.

Fact is, if you want maximum results, you need to dial in and become focused on the consistency and intensity component as well. That is why you are here, right? For a higher standard for yourself, not to compete or compare with others, but to become the best and most desirable version of you possible, for you, first and foremost.

I will go deeper into those in my next message.

Do you have an epic binge story (I sure do!) that you want to share with me, or any confusing points about eating? Go ahead and hit reply, I would love to hear from you.

Thanks for sharing some time with me, now be sure to get to your training if you haven’t already;-)


Talk soon!

With poise and power, 


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