The Worst Things You Can Do When Trying To Lean Out Your Body Quickly

Diet to 1200 calories, or 1800 calories? Keep your carbs very low… does any of this sound familiar? That 1200 number that floats around as being your optimal daily calorie intake for weight loss; is it really??


How about “starve,” does that ring a bell? 


Your body has a calorie range based on its BMR Basal Metabolic Rate that defines where you will gain or lose weight. This is why all of the meal plans I include in my programs are based on your individual BMR.


If you consistently fall below the minimum limit your body needs to sustain basic functions, you will repeatedly cause some undeniably negative results:


1 – You will not lose weight. If the scale moves at all, it will be muscle you are losing. Of course, muscle is lean metabolically active tissue, so that is a massive backfire as far as losing fat.


2 – You will not build any muscle. Ouch, see point #1. Worse, you will continue to workout, maybe even harder to try and “push through”… See point #3 


3 – Your energy will be non-existent.  Your mood will crash and you will HATE dieting and develop a particular fear of carbs. Also, forget results; not happening!


“Lord, take me now, that is no way to live!”


What is even scarier? Through years of talking to women, I have discovered that for a shocking number of you, as in 80%, this is your “normal.”


Mood swings? Yeah. Add PMS? Oh, negative BONUS! As you enter your 40’s, toss in some hormone havoc for added “excitement” and need I say more?


Constantly starving yourself like this is the enemy. Eventually, you will binge and then you will feel even worse and then maybe do it all over again.




If I asked you how many calories you eat and you were to answer me off the top of your head, would you know? What’s that number? 1200? Lower? 1800? Higher? Which is the right one for you?  I am not asking you to count calories, I never have. 


If I ever needed to “dial it in” for a show, I had someone else do it for me because 

A: I hate it and B:  I had no idea what to do with the information anyway because it is quite scientific. That is another thing the meal plans in my programs do; everything for you.


If your day looks like this:


Breakfast, maybe. If at all; a slice of toast, a teaspoon of peanut butter and half a banana. Maybe even “healthier” a protein shake (which may potentially be full of unhealthy additives) with some kind of powder in it. Seriously?


Lunch. When; 7 hours later? What; a “low carb salad?”


Dinner. Going healthy! Dry as the desert chicken, steamed broccoli, no butter of course, just a squeeze of lemon, and a thumb-size baked potato.


Where are we by now on our total? MAYBE 1000 calories? And you got this idea from where; My Fitness Pal, Weight Watchers or some other diet fad like Keto, Paleo? How on earth can you function or train with any consistency without ever breaking out of this cycle?


In my next message, I am going to tell you how I ate, especially when I was younger in my 30’s and early 40’s and it will probably STUN you! I will also tell you a bit about how I keep it all in check now in my 50’s.


If you did figure out your calorie totals for a typical day and want to share that with me, just hit reply to this email. It would help if you include your weight and age as well. 


With poise and power, talk soon,


3 thoughts on “The Worst Things You Can Do When Trying To Lean Out Your Body Quickly

  1. You have such great advice. I have been trying your suggestions, including strength training. My knees don’t always cooperate with the legs strength training, but I keep trying. I do stop if it hurts my knees. Also, I have pretty much reduced the amount of kind bars and such off my list. I really do prefer eating fresh foods and concoctions that I prepare

    • Thank you so much for writing Cynthia! I love your attitude and way to make positive changes all around.

      Everybody seems to have issues in the joints somewhere especially as young ladies! 😉

      Just make modifications as best as you can, the main thing is that you’re making changes to your food which is so important.

      All of the foods in my 30 days of intensity meal plan are whole foods. We don’t use any products, it comes with full shopping lists as well as detailed recipes

      Have a look at it and see if it’s something you might be interested in!

      Thanks so much for writing and way to clean it up and take control 💪

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