Eat The Junk and Still Get Lean?

By: Susan Arruda

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Do you care about clean eating?

It’s a legit question and it can be answered a couple of ways:

1. I just want results and I’ll eat whatever, as long as I get what I’m after.
2. I want results, but I do care if what I’m eating is healthy or not.


Go to the gym, consume a protein shake or a pre/post workout concoction. It has the “perfect” nutritional profile, etc.. but one look at the ingredients list and you need a pharmacology degree to understand what you are eating. There may be a picture of a cupcake or some “delicious vanilla flavour” on it.

Do you/should you care?

I think you should and here is why:

Most of those products carry questionable ingredients and some type of artificial sweetener: Sucralose, Aspartame, Splenda and yes, even Stevia. The fact is, there are varying grades and safe upper intake limits and side effects that exist.

The side effects of these artificial sugars don’t show up right away, often later, and after repeated use. Inflammation, calcium depletion leading to arthritis and joint issues are documented cases, memory loss issues and all kinds of studies can be found that say something is safe or not safe.

It all depends on who is paying for the article and why it’s being written.

The same issues are present when ingredients like carrageenan show up all over otherwise healthy foods, like almond milk as well as calcium propionate, linked to migraine headaches and a litany of other side effects; the latter shows up in just about every pita or bread product you pick up.

I have a short fact sheet about carrageenan. If you’d like it, just click to download it at the end of this email.

Most protein bars have more junk in them than a Snicker’s bar!

Unless you are ready to read ingredients and decide if what you are eating is worth it, stay away from pre-made bars and beverages. These are “food products,” not real foods.

Use “real” whole foods and MYO/make your own.
Plan ahead – Know what you are going to need and have it ready to go.

  • 1/2 – 1 Banana or apple, sliced
  • 1 Tbsp. Peanut butter/any nut butter
Sprinkle flax seeds/meal or hemp hearts
  • Sprinkle of cinnamon
  • Put it all on a slice of ‘healthy’ toasted bread.

On the go?
Swap the toasted bread out and wrap the ingredients in a pita instead… hopefully, without calcium propionate!

All I am saying is that the fitness industry often sells the promise of results, without caring about the impact on your health.

Also if you have ever read the ingredients on any of the Weight Watchers or Atkins food products you are dealing with some of the unhealthiest junk ever created.

Take the time to feed yourself clean!

400 calories of a junky protein bar do not have the same effect as sprouted bread, avocado, nut butter and hemp seeds.

I will talk to you again Friday when I take on a wild subject. 

Here’s a hint; years ago I was working a fitness trade show and 2 women who said they were much heavier than they wanted to be asked me for one thing that stunned me.

We have all thought about it and even done it. I will get into why it’s generally a very bad idea as well as when you might consider it.

Thank you for reading!

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