Fat Burner Fakeout

By: Susan Arruda


The shocking thing that 2 heavier women asked me…

I work out hard to get the results I’m after and I imagine you do as well.  What happens when you hit a wall or are stuck trying to get rid of the last few pounds holding on for dear life, despite the fact that you are exerting mega effort training and eating ‘clean?’

This is a very frustrating scenario and like many, I’ve experienced it.

In a desperate quest to lose weight, many people will turn to fat burners which is a mega slippery and dangerous slope!! That is already questionable at best, but an even more serious problem often arises when people turn to these simply because they don’t want to exercise at all and view this as a quick fix.

A fat burner is defined as an over-the-counter drug that claims to burn calories by increasing the rate of the body’s metabolism. Hey, it also mega increases your heart rate and when that happens and you’re at rest, that’s a problem!


While working a trade show years ago, two heavy women approached the booth and asked if there were any fat burners they could purchase. I was shocked!!

😱 I knew fat burners should be a very last resort and to be used sparingly, say for a fitness show or a similar short-term “edge” goal of sorts!

When you are young, you feel invincible, and as a woman you might think reaching a magic weight will solve your unhappiness so you are always in search of better, leaner; at least I was.

Yes, I did try fat burners long before I hit the stage and realized quickly how dangerous they were. The body is brilliant at giving you warning signs but you also have to be smart enough to listen and exercise common sense; something I find not so common these days.


Ad from a trade show I was working


Whenever you take anything that warns you to not exceed taking it beyond a certain amount of time, I’m immediately skeptical because I know that ‘whatever you cannot sustain, you will not maintain.”

I can’t recall how long I took them in my younger years but I distinctly recall the costly negative effects. Trouble falling asleep at night, tremors, soaring resting HR and the oxymoron of it all; I would take them and feel exhausted, which is exactly the opposite effect of the claims of more energy and the increased energy I was looking for! That’s a warning sign in itself!

I would feel anxious and get tremors and my heart rate would soar and it would interfere with my ability to sleep and at times, I had even experienced nausea! All signs of trouble/danger. Not a good way to live! More serious side effects include high blood pressure, diarrhea, strokes, seizures, and even death!!! YIKES!


Fat burners can burn out your adrenal receptors causing adrenal fatigue which basically brings burning to a grinding halt! 😱 This is the opposite reason of why you’re taking them in the first place! The road back to adrenal recovery can be very slow!

Fat burners pose some dangerous risks because they are not regulated by the FDA. The sole purpose of the manufacturer is to make money at any cost. Not all products are created safely and it is up to the consumer to become educated and to research any product they are unsure of.

Caveat emptor – Bottom line is buyer beware! You need to do your research and don’t overdo these products because your body will simply become less responsive to the changes it is supposed to bring you naturally. Then what?


Too much of a good thing eventually backfires! In moderation, fat burners can be an effective tool to help you reach your goals. I only recommend taking them if you are getting ready to step on stage or you’re really stuck and need a kick end (not a kick start) to reach your fat loss timed goal. 

It should never be the first thing you turn to for weight/fat loss, but instead, be your final go-to, and only after you’ve done everything else, meaning training and diet, and natural means.

For everyday life, I recommend training with intensity, the right food combinations, and using both of these in optimal synergy to create an ideal scenario for your body to burn maximum fat naturally.

There are a lot of natural and different methods  to do this, many of which are implemented in the SHIFT food plans in my 30 Days of Intensity.  When to eat, how much, what types of carbs are ok, carb tapering, optimal calories, intermittent fasting, etc…

It is not necessarily as simple as eat less and move more, as many weight loss programs claim. There is some number crunching and food science that needs to happen in the food dept.

What are some natural fat burners? I have a free download for you! Just click the link at the bottom of this email to grab it.


I highly recommend you get your thyroid checked and blood work done. Even a small deficiency in essential minerals and vitamins can have a profound effect on your metabolism. Don’t be afraid to get a second and even third opinion. Not all naturopaths and doctors are created equally.

In my next message I will write without a filter about the hypocrisy of the fitness industry. It affects women of all fitness and weight levels; but if you have ever thought about doing a fitness show, this is a must read!

In strength,