About our Founders

About Our Founders


About Marco and Susan


Marco Girgenti has lost over 150 Lb., has kept it off for over ten years and has never yo-yo’d up and down with his weight. This is a statistic that finds its place in the 2nd percentile of success, which prompted calls from the producers of the Oprah Winfrey show.
Wearing size 56 pants with a body fat of 48.9% over 1 decade ago, Marco stepped onto a treadmill and threw up all over himself in 3 minutes flat. Marco persevered and seven years later he was a personal trainer with 40 clients at a 100% renewal rate, won the Fitness Consultant of the year award and broke records at major gym franchises.He has never looked back! He has never looked back!
As a speaker, he has hosted television programs, addressed audiences of 6 to 27,000 and has spoken in schools and corporations. He is the author of the book, Starving to be Fat.


Susan Arruda

Susan is a 44 year old, mother of 2 who has been training naturally for over 30 years. As a competitor, Susan holds 5 championship figure class titles as well first place finishes in other federations.

Her personal testimony is perhaps even more powerful. As a woman who has overcome a life challenged by anxiety and self-esteem issues, Susan stands in the qualified position of having the battle scars to speak to women about fitness and overall health. She does not believe in making excuses.

“Nearly 20 years ago when I became pregnant with my first child, my whole world (not just fitness world) was completely changed and I had to make a conscious effort to make time to exercise. My second child was colicky and sleep became even more of a rarity for me, but I had to find a way to make it work because losing my fitness as well as my body, was not going to help me at all in the long run. This was further proven as I also eventually maintained a full time job while being a mom.” Susan adjusted her philosophy about training and adopted an attitude of “every little bit counts,” rather than “all or nothing” and realized that big results can be achieved though smaller, concentrated training efforts. Her workout approach is designed to get the most out of your workouts in smaller segments of time, making it ideal for the busy Mom and the busy lifestyle, in general.

Susan has released 4 fitness DVD’s, including the groundbreaking, or should we say “wave-making” Elite Water Training, the Ball, Vol. 1, which is an intense water workout like you have never seen before.

“My hope is to be an inspiration to women, moms in particular, to take care of themselves, no matter what challenges may arise. My goal is to bring reality based advice and hopefully, some motivation!”

Websites www.getfitfaster.ca

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