Core Solutions For Back Pain

Core Solutions For Back Pain

Lower back pain can hinder your quality of life and be debilitating and frustrating. There is a direct correlation with strengthening the deeper muscles of the core (which are actually connected to the lower back) and improving your back discomfort, and in some cases, completely eliminating it. My program will teach you how.

When these deep core muscles are strong, they serve as a natural weight belt or corset, offering protection for not only exercise, but in functional movements of everyday life.  Learning how to recruit and develop the deep abdominals is a process of practice and consistency. This program offers education as well as practice exercises and a 10 min. workout that will transform your core strength and health. This program also includes supporting segments that discuss ………

1 - TVA and muscles of the core discussion/Instructional

2 - Practice Exercises - Stick with these exercises every day for 7-14 days. Please invest this time and do not move to the Phase 1 Core Strengthening Workout until you have performed the practice exercises for at least the 7-14 days.

3- The Pelvic Tilt - Put it into practice against the wall as well as on the floor - Also perform them with your eyes closed so you can memorize the positioning and feel of “neutral spine”.

4- The Posture Back Connection - A seated posture and back strengthening segment

5 - Pelvic Floor Exercises - how they work and how to strengthen them

6 - Tips to Train Core and Posture on the Road - shot in my car

7 - Lifting Safely - you can easily put your back out whether you are picking up a light or heavy object, or even sneezing! But you can also easily protect it and I will show you how!

8 - Proper Exercise Set up - for fitness enthusiasts

Phase 1 Abdominal workout -