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Susan Arruda has been training for over 35 years.

She is a 6 time Fitness/Figure champion, and holds PRO status in 2 designations. She is an author, model. swimming and fitness instructor, certified lifeguard and personal trainer. She is in her late 40’s and a mom of 2, has lived a healthy active lifestyle since age 11, and is qualified to speak to, and train women in any stage of life.  Susan’s personal training clients have ranged from 19 to 74 years of age. 

Susan was the female keynote speaker for the online Muscle Building Summit that included top presenters including Canada's own Tommy Europe (TV's Bulging Brides, Last 10 Lb, Boot Camp) Dr. John Rusin,
Dai Manuel, Olympic coaches and PhD level nutritionists,  among others. 

Susan has presented on Facebook live to audiences of 25,000 and answered questions on training and other specific matters pertaining to women/moms and fitness. (Pregnancy etc). Susan holds several certifications including Personal Trainer Specialist.

Even when not under the harsh lights of the competition stage, Susan maintains a very high fitness level year round, she has no “off-season.”  She creates a variety of workouts that get results and does not believe in gimmicks, “secrets” or anything that compromises women or their fitness.



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