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Everyone has performed abdominal crunches in the quest for "perfect "abs, but there is a deeper truth to achieving that look that many are not aware of. Join 5 time figure champion, Susan Arruda for the TnT (tight & toned) 10 Core Galore Ab Series. Not only will Susan take you through three 10 minute ab workouts at progressive levels that you can perform anywhere, but you will be armed with the missing piece; the TVA and its involvement in every day function as well as the interaction and accessing of the four abdominal walls. In short; how to recruit the deepest abdominal muscle layers that simple crunches cannot access, to get to the very “core" of your core.

These exercises will revolutionize your Ab training and are also a key to alleviating, and in many cases, eliminating back pain!
Did you know that abs can be trained to pull inward for a sleeker and flatter looking midsection?  
This is not your typical ab workout series. in fact, it may very well be the missing link in your abdominal training!

BONUS! I'm giving you an gift and extra value with this purchase! For a limited time, you'll also get my 30 min. foam roller workout that targets the abs and core as well as the total body! 30 minute workout free! You'll be doing exercises with the foam roller that you've likely never done before!

The "Must Sees!"

I've got a bunch of FREE workouts you can do along with me and some brand new programs on the way! Check it all out!

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Susan's Free Workout Videos
and Exercise Moves!

Check out the link below for loads of free workouts and specialty workout moves! All on video.

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Foam Roller
Total Body!

By far and away my most popular YouTube video workout. The foam roller is an edge for me. It throws everything off balance and challenges muscles I never knew I had!

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My View It and Do It Workouts!

These workouts get off to a fast start and keep going! I'll show you what to do, you just follow through!

Susan Arruda presents a near perfect physique
— David Ford - A-list fitness model photographer of Status Fitness.
Susan Arruda has sculpted her body into a PERFECT fitness physique and cleans up at every show she enters. She’s also as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.
— Lyzabeth Lopez - Creator of the Hourglass Workout, fitness personality and model.
I have an extensive library of Beachbody dvds and other trainers too, but somehow the exercises you did in the short amount of time hit all body parts and I was so impressed!
— Leah B. - A fan and satisifed customer